Spyder Graphx

The Spyder


Spyder Graphx  stands out as a specialist for

graphics and web designing ,  colour separations

and high quality printing of stationery, advertising

banners and boards.


We specialize with:
(a) Graphics designing
(b) Web designing
(c) Full color printing


Spyder Graphx  is also your solution provider when it

comes to Market Research and Business Consultancy.

We undertake Market Research in any field of the

economy, as desired by the Client.

We  also offer advice and information on any business

sector you may be interested in.




I'm back!!

Wow! Alive and kicking. I tell you, wonders will never cease.
That's the story for next time.

Graphics Designing

We are out to give you the best. Feel free to give us your concept and we will work on mind blowing logos, which leave a lasting impression on your prospective clients.

Draft Constitution

I'm Voting Yes for the Kenyan Draft Constitution. It is a part of the Agenda 4 which has to be fulfilled and many citizens seem not to understand.

I have resolved too to renew my voters card, where I am currently residing so that I can vote at the Referendum, but will later change so as to vote at my constituency.

May God bless our Kenya.

A new born!

I have been having quite some time discovering the net, and I have realized there is so much potential!
All one has to do is spare some time and you will learn immensely.
My search is not over, I am just beginning so come on-board and lets enjoy the net-ride!

Regards, Kanga.